Best. Spring Break. Ever.

In March, we took four groups of university students from Stetson, FIU, FSU and Miami Dade to work on water and sanitation projects during their spring break. The communities of Palmar Grande and El Limon received water systems, while El Petigre and Palmarito had latrines constructed. The volunteers who worked hard on these projects have been back from the campo for two weeks, and have officially contracted the #mondayBLUEs

Here's a few images posted by our most recent volunteers that gave us some serious feels: 

h_ponte I finally understand what it means to have the #mondayBLUEs. It's been two weeks since I've been back from El Petigre and I miss the people from the town and my crew more and more everyday. You don't realize how much you receive in serving others. My first experience with @blue_missions has taught me what it means to be truly happy...

alex_alvacadooo Humbled by service. Grateful for the people and memories that I will never forget.

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logansaliga Sometimes moments are indescribable-- and this week was filled with them. Thankful for @blue_missions, for El Limon, new lifelong friends, and new dreams moving forward. 

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cindyyyymartinez 8 long days, 92 families, 1 goal...water. Thank you @fsualtbreaks and @blue_missions for the opportunity! The impact this community made on us is beyond words.  

tori_montemurro Thankful for the friends that turned into family, the community that turned into home, and all of the moments that will forever be a part of me. Until next time, BLUE Missions. 

clarebearsully El Campo (noun): a place in the mountains of the Dominican Republic where the air is fresher, the people are friendlier, and life is sweeter.

orionnnn You never fail to amaze me, Dominican Republic. Volunteering with BLUE Missions and being a part of providing clean water to a small village was THE most humbling and life-changing experience.

ashbrnz Thank you El Limon for showing me what true happiness looks like, for showing me what love and community lok like, for showing me the importance of gratitude, for filling my heart up with love... This has been the happiest I've ever been. 

Do YOU feel the #mondayBLUEs? Share your favorite campo moments with us and tell us what you miss most about your BLUE trip. We love reading your posts and reposting our favorites!

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