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100% of Public Donations Go Directly to the Field. 

Every cocktail ticket purchased, public dollar donated, and sponsorship made goes directly towards field costs. We rely on service trip facilitation, angel investors, and Tank Donors to cover our operational expenses and expand.

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How Do We Do It?

At BLUE Missions, we have two bank accounts. One is designated for "Projects" and the other for "Operations". Every dollar that is donated goes to the "Projects" account which funds all the expenses associated with our yearly water and sanitation projects. To fund event production, salaries, rent, and other operational expenses, we rely on the revenue from our trips and The Tank donors. 

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Volunteers pay their way. The facilitation of these service trips helps fund a portion of our operational expenses.


The Tank is a membership program of donors who give a set amount to our operational costs over a three-year period. 


Sponsors are like-minded corporations and individuals willing to do their part in ending the global water & sanitation crisis.


The Community Contribution Fee is the fee each trip participant is required to fundraise in order to cover the project costs.