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BLUE Missions connects communities with access to clean water & sanitation while cultivating a generation of global citizens through service-driven travel. Here's how you can make an impact:

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Live and work alongside locals in a rural community to complete the construction of a water or sanitation project. Discover your power to change the world, as you see the project from start to finish. 

Our Service Trips are the most authentic travel experience you can get. Hear stories from locals, eat typical food, learn from our staff, and #FindYourWhy

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Hike to the top of a mountain to fundraise for clean water! Take on the water crisis while you push past your limits to reach the summit.

After the hike, we visit a community that has benefitted from one of our water projects and spend the after noon getting to know the locals. 

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Thanks to our Be Bold Model, 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to the field! It only takes $25 to connect one person with access to clean water. 


Cristina Serrano lives in Loma Vieja, Dominican Republic. Before connecting her home with clean running water, she woke up daily before the sun and walked 30 minutes to collect water from a stream. Now, Cristina just opens a faucet. When asked what her favorite aspect of her new life was she said, “I can shower whenever I want!”

Watch the full interview, it's a good one. 

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