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  • Boots (recommended if working on a water project)

  • Sneakers

  • Sandals or Shower shoes

  • Work Pants (2 or 3)

  • T-Shirts (9+)

  • Long Sleeve Shirts (optional)

  • Shorts (conservative, 2)

  • Undergarments (9+)

  • Socks (9+)

  • Cap/Hat (optional)

  • Bandanas (optional)

  • Working gloves (1-2 pairs)

  • Belt



  • Deodorant

  • Soap

  • Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Toothpaste & Toothbrush

  • Personal medications

  • Contact lenses & solution

  • Baby wipes

  • GoldBond (for chaffing, optional)

  • Brush/comb

  • Feminine products


  • Breakfast items (we will be providing a light breakfast, if you are a heavy eater we recommend brining individually wrapped cereals, bars, or oatmeal)

  • Snacks (individually wrapped)

    • Bars

    • Trail mix

    • Goldfish

    • Pretzels

    • Etc.

  • Powdered drinks (optional - Gatorade, tea, lemonade, etc.)


  • About $70-80 (If you are checking in a bag at the airport, you will pay $30 each way. You will also have the opportunity to purchase lunch at the airport on your way back home)

Tips for packing:

  • Please remember that we will be living in an environment we are not used to. Pack items that you have used before, especially with food. We recommend bringing old clothes or clothes you wouldn’t mind getting dirty or ruined.

  • This is a recommended list. You do not have to purchase everything on this list, please use it as a guide. Most of the items on the list are items you most likely already have.

  • Write your name on all items of clothing. Your t-shirts and pants will get wet and when hung out to dry, it gets very hard to differentiate what belongs to who.

  • We recommend packing all your clothes/blankets/pillows in large, gallon sized Ziploc bags or a trash bag. Your duffle bag may get wet while being transported to the campo and Ziploc bags will keep it try.

  • Feel free to share items on the supply, toiletry, and food list with friends who will be joining you on the trip. 

  • When it comes to food, bring snacks and breakfast items that you have eaten before. If you like eating pretzels at home, you’ll enjoy it even more on your trip. If you like candy and can’t go a day without it, make sure to pack some. For breakfast we provide coffee, milk, crackers, and jelly. If you are a big breakfast person, please bring food that will supplement this meal.

How to pack:

  • Carry-On Luggage:  You can bring one personal item that fits under your seat (18 x 14 x 8 inches). A backpack is ideal. As well as one carry-on bag that shouldn’t exceed 22 x 14 x 9 inches (including handles & wheels). Must fit in the sizer at the airport. If you purchased a service trip kit, that would be considered a carry-on bag.

    • In your carry on please include:

      • Passport

      • Wallet/Money

      • Medication

      • One change of clothes (1 pair of work pants and 1-2 t-shirts)

      • A few pairs of underwear and socks

      • Camera, phone, book, etc. 

      • A sandwich for the plane/bus ride for lunch

      • A few snacks

  • Checked Luggage: We recommend bringing an inexpensive duffle bag or 50-60 liter backpack. Your checked bag can not exceed 50 lbs. or dimensions totaling 62 inches (to calculate add the total outside dimensions of your bag – length + width + height). Your bag will be loaded onto the bed of a truck or a cargo trailer. Please do not bring any expensive luggage as it may get damaged and/or rained on.

    • In your checked luggage you will include:

      • The rest of your clothing, underwear, socks

      • Supplies

      • Food & Snacks

      • Toiletries

Where to find some of the items:

  • Work Pants – Visit your nearest GoodWill to find some khaki work pants or scrubs. If you have old school uniform pants those work great too. Pants that reach your ankles must be worn for work. Leggings can not be worn as work pants.

  • Look in your house or closet for an old pair of sneakers, t-shirts, shorts, belt, twin sized bed sheets, old dark colored towels, rain jacket, water bottle, a hat/cap.