What I am Thankful For

Everyday is an opportunity for a new challenge, a new experience, and a new lesson. We sometimes fail to use this opportunity.  We are constantly in a rush and tend to overlook the little and important things in life. BLUE gives you the chance to appreciate those little moments, and it taught me to live every day to its fullest potential, because you never know when it will be your last. Thanksgiving is a day that gives us all that chance to reflect and be thankful. Through my experience with BLUE, I was able to realize the importance of helping those less fortunate by giving them something as simple as clean water.  

I am thankful for that same clean, fresh water and the ease with which I am able to access it. I was reminded to not take it for granted.  I am thankful for being able to give that to a little town that once believed clean water was just a dream. It is now a reality for them. I am thankful everyday for learning the value of family and for the endless opportunities I am given. I am thankful for laughter and what it brings to the world. And I will forever be changed by that little town that I was able to help. One town at a time, BLUE is changing the world and this Thanksgiving I am especially thankful to be a part of this organization, for what it’s done and what it will continue to do in the future.