BLUE Trips from the Perspective of a Trip Leader

Without electricity or running water the communities that we work with run on the foundation of love, unity and the hope of having better opportunities. Once water reaches the community their quality of life improves.

 While working with BLUE, I have been able to be a part of a change that not only provides water to impoverished towns, but also builds a connection between our volunteers and the communities that welcome us with open arms. These connections allow us to step out of our comfort zone and understand what it means to live without clean water at our disposal. Whether it is playing baseball with the kids or helping the ladies in the kitchen cook, the bonds that we build over such a short period of time are irreplaceable. As each trip passes I cannot help but feel overjoyed that in today’s society there are so many young adults willing to embark on such an impactful journey during their free summer and spring breaks.

Although our main purpose is to provide a clean water source for the community, the activities that we host throughout the week energizes our efforts even more. On Women’s Day we invite all the women in the town to participate in an afternoon dedicated to empowering their value and their role as important individuals in their community. With a clean water source now available to the community, women no longer need to fetch water and are able to dedicate their time to working or studying at the university. On Kid’s Day we gather the children to do activities and play games. It is days like these that are the hardest to forget. In such a short period of time you begin to love these children. You begin to learn about their dreams, their desires, and their struggles. The love that is inspired throughout the trip is what makes the project all worth it. When water finally reaches the community nothing else seems to matter. After a long day of working the whole community comes together to splash in the water that is now theirs.

In my opinion, the fact of the matter is: this project isn’t just about making clean water available; it is about bringing life and opportunity to the community. You realize what is truly important in life and remind yourself not to take anything for granted.

The community that we have the privilege to work with are humble and hard working. They know what it means to live the simple life and to be thankful for the small things. Our volunteers leave this experience learning what it means to live the simple life while being a part of a global change.


Gabriele GocsoComment