Leave Room for the Golf Balls

On every BLUE trip, we start each morning with a meditation. They take the form of a short reading or a song, but the goal of morning meditation is always the same - to influence the way volunteers think about their purpose. 

One of the meditations is called Golf Balls and it's a volunteer favorite. 

Long after their BLUE trip, volunteers think back on the Golf Balls meditation whenever they're feeling overwhelmed by the small stuff. It reminds them to focus on what's important, their family, friends, and health.

Check out this video we found that brings the reading to life: 

While you're feeling inspired, sign up for our Charity Golf Classic! If you know a golfer, this event makes a great holiday gift. Drinks, dinner, and a day on the green for a cause. 100% of players fees go directly to funding water and sanitation projects. 

Leslie RamosComment