Since 2010, we have constructed 22 water systems
through out the Dominican Republic. 

Scouting Process


Once communities reach out to BLUE Missions, we send our Program Director and engineers to begin scouting the possibility of a project. A water source is picked once it passes the testing of water flow, potability, and altitude.

Local Leadership: Water Committees 


As soon as the engineers approve the project and draw up the plans, our team visits the community to begin the formation of a water committee. Communities take ownership of the project through local leadership. These members ensure the sustainability of the water system so it can continue to provide water for future generations. Through several trainings sessions the committee becomes educated in all facets of the project, from plumbing to maintenance, reforestation, and finances. 

In addition to the formation of a water committee, the community goes through several meetings to be prepped for the construction of the project. 

Execution of Construction


Several days before the group is scheduled to arrive, the community finishes all the preparation work. Our engineers, project managers and plumbers are all in the community ready to break ground and begin the construction of the tank and dam, as well as digging and laying of pipe. When the group of volunteers arrive, the work begins. In just under 9 days, this project will be completed and every home will have a faucet installed.