Summer Internships (Dominican Republic)

2020 Trip leaders

At BLUE Missions, our work is made possible by the passionate dedication of our volunteers and interns. 

Interns lead by example on our service trips, by embodying a solid work ethic, cultural awareness, and compassion. This internship will be demanding, but it will be ever more rewarding. Each day you will be waking up before the sun, hiking through unbelievable landscapes, overseeing work schedules, independently making decisions, managing the safety of a team of volunteers, and spearheading group meetings. There will be times where you will laugh until you cry, fall in love with entire communities, and build bonds with new people you never expected could impact you so profoundly in such a short time.    

What you'll GAIN from this internship:

  • Develop leadership skills.

  • Learn how to use tools to efficiently build water and sanitation systems.

  • Learn about operating an international nonprofit.

  • Problem solve in the field (think on your feet).

  • Mentor high school and university students.

  • Cultivate your passion for service.

  • Develop confidence in your ability to make a difference.

What you'll GIVE in this internship: 

  • 100% of your time and energy.

  • Compassion for local beneficiaries.

  • Drive to complete projects.

  • Guidance to trip participants.

  • Support to BLUE staff in the field.

Summer Interns
Cycle #1

Tentative Dates:
May 21 - July 10, 2020

Summer Interns
Cycle #2

Tentative Dates:
June 1 - July 10, 2020

Summer Interns
Cycle #3

Tentative Dates:
July 8 - August 14, 2020

As a summer intern you will be working in the Dominican Republic alongside our Dominican and US staff in the execution of our projects. You will work directly under our Program Directors. Prior to arriving in the field, you will participate in mandatory Leader Workshops. 


  • Trip Leader

    • Lead 3-4 Service Trips

    • Liaison between the volunteers and the community

    • Organize and schedule the overall calendar of the trips

    • Schedule daily work groups

    • Lead morning meditations and evening reunions

    • Work in the kitchen with the cooks at every meal

    • Participate in town meetings and water committee reunions

    • Visit communities prior to group arrivals

    • Document every trip and special activities through photography and videos

    • Take inventory of all materials - pre and post trip

    • Send out service letters to volunteers post trip

    • Collect trip testimonials from participants


  • You're inspired to change the world

  • You're a mover and a shaker

  • You're a current university Sophomore, Junior, or Senior in the University or a recent graduate. If you are a current university Freshman and are interested, you must have had participated on at least 2 BLUE trips.

  • You must speak Spanish

  • You want to live in a different country for a few weeks

  • You have the ability to problem solve independently and have a strong self-initiative

  • You have strong interpersonal and organizational skills

  • You do not have to take summer classes


  • Internship fee of $550 covers:

    • Airfare (round-trip flight from Miami, FL)

    • In-country transportation

    • Lodging and most meals

    • Travel Insurance

  • College credit could be received for this internship. Make sure to talk to your advisor and see if it is feasible. We will be happy to fill out any paperwork you may need to get the college credit

  • During the selection process, our team will schedule an in person or Skype interview with you in early 2020. After the interview, our team will take a few weeks to review and select our 2020 class of interns. You will be notified via email if you have been accepted or not accepted for the position

  • Must participate in workshop trainings prior to the summer of 2020

  • Must be first-aid and CPR certified with the American Red Cross before May 1, 2020. Highly recommended to become Wilderness First-Aid certified.

  • If you are a South Florida resident you must attend our trip preparation meetings in the Spring

Applications for 2020 Summer Internship will open on October 1st.