Learn Local, Volunteer Abroad

During this two week social impact camp, students will learn about global issues, pitch an innovative solution, and then travel to the Dominican Republic to serve a rural community.


i-Impact Camp Dates

June 14 - 26, 2020

June 22 - July 5, 2020


Sample Agenda:

Week #1: Miami, FL

Social Entrepreneurial Camp provided by BIZNOVATOR

i-Impact Camp is an opportunity to experience learning, exploration, and service like never before. Our program is specifically designed for students interested in learning about social impact, innovation, non-profit start-ups, the DNA of a social entrepreneur, and serving abroad to make a direct impact. During the first week of i-Impact Camp, students will be exposed to real world issues through lectures, non-profit tours, and team dynamics to create a business plan that will be presented to investors and non-profit executives.

Week #2: Dominican Republic

Service Trip provided by BLUE Missions

Students will fly with their camp mates to the Dominican Republic to participate on a service trip in a rural community. During the remaining 8 days of camp, students will work alongside of families in the community to construct 16-18 bathrooms. In addition to working, there are several activities that allow the students to interact with the locals and truly engage in the culture of the Dominican Republic. This trip will allow students to see the impact a non-profit organization can have on individuals in our global communities.

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BIZNOVATOR is more than a company, we are a movement that believes youth development needs to be placed as a top priority within governments, private sector and local communities. In fact, our mission is to empower, teach and create young entrepreneurs, social innovators and global leaders who will positively impact their communities and the world.


BLUE Missions is a non-profit organization whose mission is to connect families with access to clean water and sanitation while cultivating a generation of global citizens. Since 2010, BLUE Missions has facilitated service trips for over 2,500 volunteers that have served 131 communities in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Colombia.


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