Fundraising FAQs

  • How do I start fundraising?

    • Here are the simple steps to starting a BLUE Missions Fundraising page:

      • Go to our fundraising website

      • Create your Individual Fundraising page

      • Set up your Team fundraising page

      • Spread the word

  • Can we choose our own charity to donate to?

    • Short answer, no.

      All funds collected from BLUE Missions fundraising pages goes directly to funding project costs.

  • Can we mail in checks and cash?

    • If you have cash donations from events, please deposit the money into your own account and make an online donation to your "Fundraising Page” for the amount that you deposited, or write a check and mail in with the rest.

      Please make them out to “BLUE Missions” and you can mail them in to:

      • 5701 Sunset Dr. Suite 128, South Miami, FL 33143

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100% of Public Donations Go Directly to the Field. 

Want to learn more about our Be Bold Model and how we fund our operations? Click here.