We change the world while cultivating world-changers. Through water and sanitation projects we help transform the overall health and quality of life of rural communities in Latin America.



Water is the basic foundation of a community and without it, families struggle to meet their most basic needs. Many walk hours to collect it and often times the water they find is not safe to drink. By building gravity-driven aqueducts in rural communities we are taking a huge step in breaking the poverty trap while bringing empowerment, health, and opportunity to locals. 


Our projects aren't ours - they belong to the benefitting community, and are ultimately their lasting responsibility. To ensure that water is flowing long after construction of the project is complete, we invest in forming strong Water Committees in each community we work in. These local leaders are equipped with the skills to prepare for community-led construction of the projects, and maintain healthy water systems. 

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More people die a year from drinking dirty water than all forms of violence combined. 

With clean water in their homes, families don’t have to risk drinking from contaminated sources. 

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Access to clean water helps to break the poverty trap many rural families face. 

Less time walking to collect water means more time in school and making an income. 


How Does an Aqueduct Work?


To construct a gravity-driven aqueduct, our engineers first identify a clean water source at a higher elevation than the community that can support the population's water consumption needs even during the dry season. From there, gravity pushed clean water down a pipe system to every home in the community. 


Watch the Impact of a Water Project in One Community:



Each sanitation project involves the construction of VIP latrines for 16 - 20 families in need of improved sanitation. Bathrooms that are safe, private, and sanitary improve the public health and standard of living for families living in rural poverty, while protecting their local water sources. 


What is a VIP Latrine?


We build ventilated-improved pit (VIP) latrines to provide families with a bathroom that is safe, private and sanitary. The homes that benefit from new VIP latrines either don't have bathrooms at all and rely on neighbors/practice open-defection, or they have make-shift structures that are unsafe. VIP latrines prevent the contamination of local water sources and the spread of disease, but they also provide families with safety from collapsable structures and the dignity they deserve. 


Watch the impact of one VIP latrine: