agent of change: |ˈājənt of CHānj|


1. An ambassador of the BLUE Mission committed to using their time, talent, and treasure to fight the global water crisis. 

2. @mijares

Alexander Mijares


"i cannot wait to return and do it all over's a life changing experience"

-A. Mijares


Our first Agent of Change joined us on our 2015 Spring Break trips. He participated in the construction of a water project in the community of Yaroa Rio Abajo and latrine projects in Los Puyones. While in the Dominican Republic, he was able to paint and share his beautiful talents with three communities. His murals brought color and a fun, new energy into the projects. When he returned to Miami, he painted a piece that was placed in our Live Auction at our 5th Annual BLUE Cocktail and sold for $10,000. Check out the pictures and video below from his trip. 


Enjoy this time lapse of one of Alexander Mijares' murals on a school in Tres Ceibas, Dominican Republic.


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