Looking for a way to deliver the message about the world's water and sanitation crisis to your students?

Request the Quench Team to come to your organization or school today! 


Our staff and volunteers truly believe that the water and sanitation crisis is solvable. In order to make this ambitious goal a reality, we have to inform those around us about the severity of this global issue. This is where our Quench Team comes into play. We want to educate the youth of today about the great need that exists and show them tangible ways in which they can get involved. BLUE, like most educators, believes that learning is always maximized when education becomes meaningful to students. Our programs present students with a chance to truly become active with their education.

BLUE’s Quench Team will visit local elementary, middle, high schools, universities, and youth groups to speak about the water and sanitation crisis in hopes of molding global citizens. This team of experienced volunteers will challenge the youth of today to take on some of the world’s biggest problems and let them know that they can be a drop in the bucket that changes the world.


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