Laura Stieghorst:




I'm a senior at Coral Gables Senior High School. As the Gables Earth co-president, I have been working on the coral lab for nearly two years. I first became interested in marine biology right around the start of high school, but struggled to find a way to get involved with it in school. My junior year I decided to start a project to get a coral lab set up in the school so that marine science could begin to be integrated into the curriculum in school. I found that as soon as soon as the tank was set up it drew a lot of interest. Soon, middle school tours were stopping in to check it out, the environmental science classes taught lessons in the room, and students began to reach out to me hoping to get involved. I realized that with an interactive and interesting element I can stir interest in everyone and educate all students on the importance of the coral reefs. The goal is to expand into a real club and make marine science and conservation and integral part of education here.