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Local Action, Global Impact

A SOCIAL IMPACT, innovation AND Non-profit start up CAMP & SERVICE TRIP

i-Impact Camp is an opportunity to experience learning, exploration, and service like never before. Our program is specifically designed for students interested in learning about social impact, innovation, non-profit start-ups, the DNA of a social entrepreneur, CSR, sustainable development goals, and serving abroad to make a direct impact. During the first week of i-Impact Camp, students will be exposed to real world issues through lectures, non-profit tours, activities, and team dynamics to then generate social entrepreneurial ideas, create a business plan and pitch their plan to a team of investors and non-profit executives. After a week of social entrepreneurship and innovation learning and coaching, they will fly to the Dominican Republic and serve alongside of a rural community to construct several sanitation projects.


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Say Hello

Fill out the contact form below and tell us a little about your school. Someone from our team will reach out quickly to set up a phone call or meeting.


Planning Phase

After your school learns about our mission and vision, we’ll select travel dates and a project type for your group.


Promote to Students

All that’s left is to get your students to sign up! We’ll provided you with promotional materials and videos to get the word out to your school.


Shift in perspective.

“BLUE allows my students to think outside of themselves and practice empathy. I think it’s important for them to feel uncomfortable, because that is where real growth happens. I believe that BLUE Missions is a life changing trip!” - Lenny Castaneda | Activities Director, Westminster Christian School