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It only takes $25 to connect one person with access to clean water. You can ask 25 people to give you $1, or you can aim even higher. 100% of your donations go directly to the field! 

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Decide you want to help people get clean water & sanitation. 

In a few minutes you can set up your fundraising page through our platform and you’ll be on your way!

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Ask your friends and family to join you in your mission by giving. 

You can send the link to your fundraising page to everyone you’ve ever met and watch the donations roll in. Go the extra mile to raise even more: 

  1. Sell baked yummies

  2. Donate your birthday

  3. Run a 5k

  4. Ask a fitness studio to donate a class

  5. Host a pizza party

  6. Get creative (the opportunities are endless)


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See the impact from your campaign! 

Once your campaign is complete, we’ll send you updates from the field so you can see the impact of your efforts. 

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