High School Trip #4

July 11-19, 2017
Water or Sanitation Projects
Dominican Republic


  • Enrolled in high school
  • Ages 15-17
  • Must be a freshman, sophomore, or junior
    • Graduating seniors are not eligible to participate on our high school trips - please apply for one of our University Trips
  • If you are a student at Lourdes Academy you will not be allowed to apply or participate on this trip. There are still spots to apply on OLLA Trip #6 if you are interested in joining BLUE in 2017. 


  • Application Fee: $50.00 (non-refundable) 
  • Trip Fee: $1,200.00 (Two $600 payments) 
  • $100 Raffle Ticket Sale* 


  • Registration Deposit: $50.00 (Due at time of application)
  • Trip Payment #1: $600.00 (Due date: February 2017) 
  • Trip Payment #2: $600.00 (Due date: March 2017) 
  • Raffle Tickets: $100.00 (Due date: April 2017) 

*Raffle ticket sales go directly toward project costs. The raffle takes place at our Annual BLUE Missions Cocktail in May 2017. All raffle ticket holders will have the chance to win $10,000.00. 

Pay for your trip here*:

BLUE Missions High School Service Trip Payment
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*All payments made to BLUE Missions are non-refundable. If you need to withdraw from your trip, please email nicole@bluemissions.org. For more infromation, visit our FAQ page


We just opened up High School Trip #5. Click here to apply.

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Please note, if you attend Carrollton or Lourdes Academy there are still spots available for your school. You are not eligible to place your name on this waitinglist.